HUSD Handbook, Parents’ Rights & Media Release

Email from:  HUSD Chromebook Services

Email Re: HUSD Handbook, Parents’ Rights & Media Release

Sent:  Thurs 9/5/19 5pm, Fri 9/6/19 5pm & Sat 9/7/19 12pm

Hi HUSD student.  You are receiving this email because as of 9/4/19 you have not completed the Handbook/Parent’ Rights/Media Release process on your Chromebook.  We want to help you complete this process as soon as possible to avoid having your Chromebook deactivated. You must have your parent/guardian with you to complete this process because they have to digitally sign.  Once again, you must complete this process to keep your student gmail account and chromebook active. Here is what you need to do to keep your chromebook and gmail account active:

Step #1:  Make sure your parent/guardian is with you.

Step #2:  Click this link

Step #3:  Choose English or Spanish.

Step #4:  Enter your Student ID# and birthdate and then click the boxes for handbook, parents’ rights and media release.

Step #5:  Enter your parent/guardian's name and have them digitally sign in the box using the touchpad/mousepad on your chromebook (click and drag inside the box).

Step #6:  Click “Submit Signature”

If you followed the steps correctly it will accept your info and you will be done.  If you have any problems or would like a hard copy of any of these documents please have your parent/guardian come to the front office of your school.