Exciting news from Victor Valley College for our seniors! VVC is announcing a major initiative to help the Class of 2021. The college has set aside enough funds to make sure that every senior that wants to go to VVC starting next fall will not have to pay a dime. The students will be required to go through our BRIDGE program and complete the normal steps of applying, FAFSA, orientation, self-placement for math and English, and have an educational plan done by their high school BRIDGE Counselor. In return, every BRIDGE senior will receive a $1,000 in vouchers at the Rams Bookstore ($500 for fall and $500 for spring of next year) and will have all their fees, including a parking pass and bus pass paid for. Most of the students will qualify for free tuition under the California Promise but if they complete the FAFSA and do not qualify the college will cover their tuition. VVC believes this is a great opportunity to help a group of students that have had a tough time this year and to give something positive back to our High Desert families. Seniors have 20 days before priority registration for BRIDGE seniors begins at VVC. Please contact Mrs. Harrie ASAP here https://www.signupgenius.com/g...if you need help with the VVC BRIDGE Application Process.